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How are you an eco-conscious business?

We strive to reduce waste and single use plastics, therefore the majority of the treats we sell will arrive loose, the toys that we sell are made from eco-friendly materials and we stock shampoo bars instead of shampoo in plastic bottles, all packaging is recyclable even down to the paper tape used

How do I store the treats?

As an eco-conscious business we limited the amount of packaging where possible, so majority of treats will arrive loose, we recommend storing them in an air-tight container

I’m unsure what to buy for my dog?

We do offer mixed boxes, so you will receive a selection of tasty treats for your dog to try

What treats are suitable for puppies?

There is a ‘suitable for puppies’ section on the shop page – if unsure please contact me to discuss

Why are most treats sold in grams?

As the majority of the treats sold are natural, sizes and shapes will vary so are sold in grams rather than singularly. All weights are approximate

How and when will the treats arrive?

Postage is £3.50. We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 days of receiving them, and will be sent via a 2-day courier service

What is the use by date of the treats?

As the natural treats are air dried to remove moisture, they have a shelf life of 6 months

Why compostable poo bags?

Biodegradable bags can take decades to degrade and into tiny micro-plastics. These micro-plastics are also making their way to our oceans and harming our beloved marine life. Compostable poo bags are made from cornstarch. This means that the bag degrades within weeks into natural elements which aren’t harmful to the environment.

Are the essential oils in the shampoo bars safe for dogs?

The scent is delicate so as not to offend your dogs nose and also to ensure safe levels of oils. The essential oils in the shampoo bars are perfectly safe for dogs, however should not be used on cats, pregnant bitches or puppies under 14 weeks old

I have a question that isn’t shown above

If we haven’t covered a question you have above, please use the contact form or messenger to ask me. I am more than happy to help