Bonus – Postive Reward Soft Dog Treat Dispenser


Bonus is a new way to reward your dog, fill with soft, high value dog treats, clip onto your lead or belt and reward. Your dog requires one lick as a reward, so no worry about overfeeding


Bonus is an eco-friendly silicone soft dog treat dispenser.

Designed as a dog training tool which enables dog owners to give their pets a small amount of high value soft food as a treat on the go!

Your dog requires one tasty lick as a reward – so no worry about overfeeding.

Fill with high value dog safe foods such as pureed fruit and vegetables , wet/raw dog food, pate, dog friendly peanut butter, natural yoghurt or soft cheese.

It is reusable with no fuss – simply clean and use again (is dishwasher safe)

The silicone tube is attached to a lanyard which can be clipped to a belt or lead, and are designed in colours dogs can see, so that the promise of the reward is always visible, increasing focus on the trainer throughout any training activity.

Can be used for toilet training through to Recall, trick training and heel work and lots more!

Why not pair with our dog friendly Peanut Butter?


Yellow, Blue


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