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Tips To Becoming A More Eco-Friendly Dog Owner


Here at Green Pawprints Natural Pet Products we try and reduce your dogs environmental paw print by sourcing items that are environmentally friendly that are also great for your dog.

Earth Day is an event held yearly on 22nd April dedicated to raising awareness and to drive a positive change to help save the planet. There is an ever-growing population of dog owners in the UK, there is an estimated 12.5 million dogs, there are so many small changes we can make in our lives to be more environmentally friendly, including when we are looking after our pets

So to celebrate Earth Day (yes we are a little early) we would love to give you some ideas to help make a positive change as a dog owner, however small.

Here are some top tips on how to be a more eco-friendly pet owner

Tip 1.

Buy toys made from sustainable or recycled materials, that are preferably recyclable or biodegradable

Or reuse old clothing – cut an old t-shirt into strips and plait to make a tuggy toy!

miro and makauri milo

Tip 2.

Recycle your pets food containers, buy food with degradable packaging or buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

Here at Green Pawprints we send our treats out without packaging if we can and if we do have to use packaging it is all recyclable

Natural dog treat box

Tip 3.

Swap your doggy shampoo bottles out for natural shampoo bars, this minimises the amount of plastic bottles being used, and as there are no plastic packaging they are zero waste. Shampoo bars are also gentle on skin and coat and are SLS and SLES free.

dog shampoo bar

Tip 4.

Choose sustainable materials for beds, collars, leads and toys such as Bamboo or hemp.

Bamboo is sustainable because it requires very little water to grow, removes more CO2 than most plants, and can be harvested without killing the core plant. It can be woven into soft webbing or hardened into things like bamboo dog bowls that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Hemp is another sustainable material purr-fect for making pet products. Hemp is an organic, plant-based fabric, meaning at end of life, it can be composted. From the earth, returned to the earth. Like organic cotton, hemp also takes relatively little water to grow and process. Hemp pet products range from hemp dog collars, hemp dog toys, hemp dog treats, and more!

Tip 5.

Doggy waste –

Compost at home

Buy compostable poo bags which are made of plant based materials – even if they go to landfill they will break down with no microplastics – we love Fetch it poo bags

fetch it poo bags







Tip 6.

While out walking your dog why not pick up some litter, picking up a small amount of litter or plastic on each walk could make all the difference!


Do you have any top tips that a fellow dog owner could easily do? Tell us below

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