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Chewllagen Collagen Beef Roll 25cm


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Chewllagen dog chews are 100% natural chewable collagen treats for dogs.

Chewllagen dog chews are made from the collagen extracted from South American grass-fed cattle hide.
The collagen is shaped and baked where it acquires its bread like texture before being dipped in real beef.

These fab dog treats are a great alternative to rawhide dog chews.

Suitable for all ages

Ingredients: Collagen 65%, Beef 18%, Corn Starch, Vegetable glycerin, collagen fibre

Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 70%
Crude fat: 4.5%, Crude Ash: 5%, Crude Fibre: 0.5%, Moisture: 15%

Additives: Colourant 0.01%, Preservative 1.01%


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