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Duck and Apple Strips


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Duck and Apple Meaty Strips contain no artificial flavours or colours and are made from real pure meat.

Our Duck and Apple Strips are a suitable size for small, medium, and large breed dogs, as they can be broken into smaller pieces if necessary – great to use as training treats

Duck Strips encourage mental stimulation through chewing and may also help to improve dental health.

Duck Strips are essentially dried meat so are extremely high in protein.
Protein is an important building block with many functions within the body including, the production of hormones and enzymes, muscle growth and maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Duck Strips naturally contain iron, magnesium and zinc. They are slowly air-dried and contain no additional salt, spices, or flavourings.

The average length is 15cm

Ingredients: Duck pure meat 59%, Meat derivatives (offal, gristle, bones) 30%, Apple 10%, Salmon oil 1%
Analytical Constituents: Protein min 51%, Fat max 22.6%, Fibre 1.8%, Ash max 10.2%
Moisture max 9.6%


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